Sunday, August 14, 2011

Management - Can You Learn It?

What is management? Is it possible for anyone to learn management or to be trained as a manager? Some people will assert that management is not a science that can be taught but a skill that comes with one's personality. The argument that management is an inborn trait is cited by people who will show, in support of their stand, innumerable examples of highly successful entrepreneurs with little formal education (and a host of professional managers who have ruined many a business establishment!) However, we can also see a large number of people who have become successful managers after undergoing professional management courses. The reality is that while some people do have an innate aptitude for management, learning the concepts of management  will definitely make one a better manager.

There is one common misconception about management. It is the idea that management concepts are needed or can be applied only to large organizations. Every organization needs it. In fact, it is only from the realization of the importance of management in all the areas of our life that the 'housewife' has been redesignated 'homemaker' during the last few years. If you need to apply management principles for running your home, you obviously need to use management to run organizations.

Notwithstanding such misconceptions, there has been a growing appreciation of the importance of management. This has manifested in the demand for management graduates from companies and the consequent growth in the number of institutions and universities offering courses on various aspects of management.

However, not everyone who wants to learn management gets an opportunity to learn the subject. Some may not have the time to pursue a full time or even part time or distant education program in management. Some may not be qualified to get admitted into a formal management course. And there are others who want to learn management just out of interest but can't think of taking up a course for quenching their curiosity.

To cater to the needs of such people, the essential elements of management are being presented here. The objective is to present the subject in a simple and lucid way so as to be intelligible to all. Yet a discerning reader will find the subject presented both in breadth and depth.

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