Thursday, August 11, 2011

Management - Do you really need this?

The question whether you need to learn management to run a business or carry on an activity may look frivolous. but the purpose of asking this question is to determine what one should know about management. While business schools are doing a great job in training people on how to manage a show, they are also, in my opinion, making things appear more difficult than they really are. In case this statement of mine has a ring of blasphemy about it, look at what a renowned management expert says about management.

"So much of what we call management  consists in making it  difficult for people to work."  - Peter Drucker

If the subject of management is going to make it difficult for people to work, do we need the subject and more importantly, should we use the subject. people who believe that systems are the only things we need and that people are not important will answer this question with a resounding yes. Most others including you (hopefully!)  and I,  who believe that systems can only aid, not replace people will prefer to deliberate on the question before coming out with a definitive answer.

A dispassionate analysis of businesses that have registered phenomenal success and those that have failed and the cross-section of the people who have managed them will reveal two facts.

1) All successful businesses have been managed well.

2) There have been management failures behind all business failures, businesses that have collapsed due to sudden, unexpected, catastrophic external developments being very few exceptions.

So, the answer to the question posed at the outset is simple. yes, you need to learn and use management to run a business.

But the management knowledge one needs to use doesn't have to be complicated, entrapped in recondite concepts and esoteric jargons.

Understanding certain basic concepts of management and applying them sensibly should be a relatively simple process.

This blog aims to unravel the elements of simple and effective management concepts that will be both intelligible and practicable. People with no formal training in management are likely to find these pages interesting, enlightening, revealing and profitable. The experts

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